Red3 Sport is a retail design firm, custom display and fixture provider that services clients around the globe.  We work with both large and small clients ranging from major sport teams to independent fitness studios.  Our goal is always the same:  Give our clients a store that looks good, sells good and is so unique that your customers will want to return.

We know that brick-and-mortar retailers in today’s web based world MUST be different than the stores of the past.   To that end, RED3 Sport works closely with our clients to create or expand their brand into their stores using a combination of great design, unique fixtures with color, sound graphics, video, touch-screen tablets and in some cases, internet connectivity to fulfill their retail vision.  We help your store become a destination!

Mannequins have been and is still a staple for retail stores to catch the eyes of their clients.  RED3 Sport provides mannequins unique to the sporting industry.  Many of the forms you find on this site were designed by our team and available only through us. 


JEFFGRANT – Head Designer and President


Jeff Grant comes from 3 generations of retail designers.  Both his father and grandfather have been in the retail design and display business dating back to 1925.  Jeff himself has been actively designing, equipping and building retail stores since 1978.

Jeff has designed and developed projects with high profile retailers such as Disney and Universal Studios.  On the sports side, he has designed and built stores for the USA Olympic Committee, for dozens of professional sports teams such as the Chicago Bears, New York Yankees, Indiana Pacers and Los Angeles Kings.  He has built numerous retail stores for sporting goods franchises such as Monkey Sports and assisted smaller independent retailers including yoga studios and bike shops.

Jeff lives in San Diego, California.  He is the author of “Store Planning 3.0” and is often a lecturer of retail trade shows.  When not surfing, he can be found traveling extensively across the U.S. helping merchants design and build stores.